Redhand Guitar, the theatre piece, traces the lives of four generations of American musicians from the Dustbowl of the 1930’s to a dustbowl of the not-too-distant future.

In it are interwoven the stories of:

Will, a folk singer whose encounter with Clara, a struggling carny Fortune Teller, in 1938, sets the story in motion;

Peake, a rock star from San Francisco at the height of his fame in the late ’60’s, who loses his muse when his wife, Clara’s daughter Billie, leaves him;

Billie’s niece Flanery, from Seattle’s 1990’s grunge scene, who finds a career with the help of her manager Nigel, but loses herself; and

Dawson (later Princess LuLu), whose entrance into the final chapter of Nigel’s life offers him liberation from the past, even as she single-mindedly stakes out her claim to the future.

Within the strands, each shaped by its moment in history, are very personal journeys of ambition and heartbreak, love and loss, as each character struggles to write his or her own story.

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