The social narrative Redhand Legacy is a locally-based interactive experience designed to allow audience participants to engage with the characters and themes of Redhand Guitar prior to the experience of seeing the play.

We workshopped an early version of Redhand Legacy at Williamstown Theatre Festival in conjunction with a reading of the first act of the play. Participants were immersed for ten days in the life of a character from the present-day strand of the redhand story: Dawson Lu, an aspiring young musician and activist who is struggling to find her own voice.

The experience took place online, through text messages, and in the natural world.

Redhand Legacy Flyer2


In Redhand Legacy, Dawson is prompted to search for the secrets of her own history.  As the narrative proceeds, she and her social media connections, real and virtual, find unexpected links to the story of the redhand guitar, and Dawson finds the seeds of who she will become.

At the end of the social narrative experience, both Dawson and the audience participants are poised to meet the present action of Redhand Guitar in the theatre.


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