Weekend performances of the theatre piece will be followed by an exuberant after-party containing a performance installation featuring the character musicians from Redhand Guitar.   An old industrial warehouse or even decommissioned sailing vessel would serve as the ideal venue.

The floors /decks below would function as historical strata in which each character artist performs in his/her own time and space.

On the top floor / upper deck would be a riotous dance party where D/VJs mix music and video, combining a library of beats and protest footage with a live feed from the simultaneous performances and their spectators below.

Audience members would float freely between the installations and the party above, encouraged to tweet their experiences from their mobile phones as well as contribute video to the mix.  Computers would be stationed in the corridors where visitors could upload their video and photographic content, as well as continue their interaction with the social media narrative initiated in the community prior to the event.

Visitors to the after-party could attend multiple times during the run of the theatre piece.